U   P   D   A   T   E   S

 COMING IN MARCH!!! black and diehard colored vinyl with t-shirt out on Von Frost Records

COMING IN MARCH!!! 50 black/white, 50 black/red OBI with two-sided insert on 180g black vinyl out on Viva Angel Press/Goatowarex 

Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" Pro CS OUT NOW!!

Praeternigma - "Demo MXVI" Pro CS out in August!!! this is a Von Frost Records/Poison Mist Propaganda joint release. Samples

ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ (APOKRYPHA) - "BLOOD CREATION" Pro CS demo comes in charm bag with handmade golden print, limited to 100 copies, out now!!! Officially released on Walpurgisnacht 2017. Contact: LXLNLXL777@gmail.com to order!

ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ - "BLOOD CREATION" Pro CS coming soon!!!
Concealed for 7 years, the time has now come to unveil the first release of ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ (APOKRYPHA) - "BLOOD CREATION". After much deliberation, these demo recordings were edited and re-mastered to satisfaction by Axaazaroth (Nuclearhammer) to the extent possible without the availability of the original tracks/layers and unleashed by POISON MIST PROPAGANDA on pro cassette tape for maximum warmth and depth of sound. Each and every copy slips into talismanic black charm bags, all silk-screened in metallic gold and aetherically impregnated by the hands of the artist LXLNLXL (Nuclearhammer, Antediluvian), bearing the trinitarian mark and seal of ΑΠΟΚΡYΦΑ. "BLOOD CREATION" mirrors the personal & spiritual path and meditations of its creator in an earlier stage. The 18 or so minutes of material reveal both melody and aggression, hypnotic rhythms and unpredictability, order vs. chaos, structure and youthful rawness, and originality while still being rooted in the best traditions of mystical occult Black and Death Metal. This release serves as a banishing of the old to usher in the new, as this year will also signal the completion of the first full-length album as far as composition, if not also, hopefully, a physical release. More information and pictures to come as things progress. Tape is now at press and the intended and expected release date is Walpurgisnacht of MMXVII. Sample

Von Goat - "Disappear" CD (2012 Pest Productions) new in stock. Sample

Noxius Nex -"Sola Dosis Facit Venenum" Pro CS (2012 Bird of Ill Omen/SHR) OUT OF STOCK
Let the lucid dream intoxication and hallucinogenic rituals begin......... Sample

A.Z.A.B. - "Intrinsic Deathmass of Zionicidal Ruination" Pro CS (2016 Vanguard Prod Vinland) OUT OF STOCK
A collage of cascading frequencies emanating complete sonic annihilation while exploring insurgent agitation and propaganda shattering every illusion of the modern world!!! Sample

A.Z.A.B. - "Feedback of T.Z.K." C90 (2016 Poison Mist Propaganda) SOLD OUT
Murderous, sadistic, hypnotic and feedback drenched power electronics/harsh noise dedicated to the Zodiac Killer, originally recorded and put out in 2013 as a digital release, now for the first time available on cassette. Layout by The Desolate One of A.Z.A.B. and Seventh Blasphemer of Sadomator/Ogdru Jahad. Slashed up tapes and hand-numbered inserts ltd to 25. Sample

Demonolator - "Occult Incantations of Evil" digipack CD (2012 HSP Productions) 
Absolutely sinister and obscure occult black/death metal masterpiece from Quebec, Canada featuring members of Deathroner and Supremacy. Sample

 A.Z.A.B. - "Last Victims" CS (2015 Poison Mist Propaganda) SOLD OUT
Raw Canadian Power Electronics/Harsh Noise War Propaganda! Comes with folded double sided insert. Undisclosed limitations of 1st and 2nd versions pictured above

Nuclearhammer - "Multidimensional Prism of Black Hatred" TS
(2014 Vault of Dried Bones) SOLD OUT
Front artwork by T. Grieco of Antediluvian/Revenge, back song lyrics by DH of Nuclearhammer/Apokrypha. Printed with abyssal blue plastisol